What would Your Church do with £10,000?

Support is being offered to secure funding for small projects costing up to £10,000. The Development Team may be able to help when parish halls need building works or other improvements – kitchen upgrades, new equipment, small repairs etc. If you have a plan as to how you can better serve your community, we want to know about it!

The Development Team in the Archdiocese of Cardiff would like to expand the number of applications being made in this area given our success in obtaining grant funding for small projects. Over £53,000 has been secured to conduct repairs and improvements to parish halls across the diocese in recent months. 100% of the project costs can be met by funders and the Development Team provide support throughout the whole process – from first ideas to end of project reporting.

Some examples of successes include:

St. David Lewis and St. Francis Xavier, Usk: Securing £9,966 to replace flooring in the parish hall and install additional storage. This has meant the ‘Usk Food Kitchen’ is able to offer a lunch club combating isolation.

St. Mary of the Angels, Cardiff: Securing £9,179 towards installing showers to offer further support to vulnerable guests who use the night shelter run from the parish hall.

St. Mary’s Institute, Newport: Securing £9,883 to renovate the kitchen in St. Mary’s Institute. This has enhanced the Institute as a place for the community to reconnect helping tackle social isolation in the wake of COVID-19.

The Most Holy Trinity, Ledbury: Securing £8,550 to improve ‘tired’ kitchen facilities. The renovated kitchen is intended to attract new community bookings and is ready just in time to serve refreshments for the SVP’s Lenten lunch!

If you have a project that you think could benefit from grant support, email Nadine Salter at Nadine.salter@rcadc.org to talk about how she can help. Remember, if there are multiple churches in your parish you can also apply for support more than once.

Don’t forget that the Development Team are also able to help with online giving as well as contactless giving through QR codes or donation terminals. The Team can also provide support promoting and managing legacies and gifts. To find out more about upcoming training and events click here.