Whose Children are they anyway?

A call to protect parental rights.

The Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill currently before the Senedd will effectively remove the rights of parents as the first educators of their children. It will threaten the nature and purpose of Catholic schools as well as being an affront to devout Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims in Wales.

In the provisions concerning Human and Sex Education, the responsibility and privilege of parents to choose the right moment and language to discuss love and human sexuality with their children will be overridden by the imposition of a curriculum not in conformity with Christian teaching and that of many other faiths. The right of parents to remove their children from such classes will be removed.

The implications of this Bill places the right of the State before that of the parents of a child in such an important part of life. Should this ideologically driven Bill become law, it will remove the ancient freedoms and duties of parents in the education of their children. It would restrict freedom of conscience, freedom of expression, freedom of worship and conscientious objection. These are fundamental human rights which should be respected in a pluralistic society. They are not being upheld by this proposed legislation.

The assertion of power by Welsh Government in the lives of its citizens is not always malicious, but it cannot go unchallenged. The responses to the consultation on this Bill have been largely ignored. The First Minister of Wales and the Members of the Senedd need to be reminded very clearly that they were elected by us in order to represent us. We do not elect members of the Senedd to usurp our role as parents, grandparents and families. The rights and duties of parents are more significant and profound than party view and politics. This abuse of government power cannot go unchallenged. If we remain silent, there will be no appeal.



This link will take you to a pro forma from the Catholic Education Service, they will provide you with details of your local MS on the basis of your postcode. Individual letters registering your objection to this proposed legislation are better than copied circulars.