Love, Life and the Gospel of Luke

St David's Priory St David's Place, Swansea

A chance to delve into the Gospel of the new liturgical year (C). Who is Luke? Who is Luke writing to? What is Luke’s big picture message? On Saturday 13th October David Beresford, from the Catholic Bible School, in his usual engaging and imaginative way, will lead us on a journey through the Gospel of Luke. […]

Catholic Bible School – Introduction to the New testament

St David's Priory St David's Place, Swansea

THE BIRTH OF JESUS TO THE LAST AMEN What is actually in the New Testament, besides the stories of Jesus we find in the Gospels, and how does it all fit together?  Why should we be concerned with these ancient letters and stories? What can they possibly have to do with us as modern people? […]

Catholic Bible School – The Mass Revealed in Scripture

St David's Priory St David's Place, Swansea

How were God’s promises in the Old Testament fulfilled in the New Testament? Did Jesus really tell the Jews to drink his blood? And where do we get all those symbols at Mass? These and other questions will be explored as we take a look at the scriptural basis for our belief as Catholics that […]

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