Ukrainian Catholic Eparch visits University Catholic Chaplaincy as support for students is discussed

On 31st of May 2022, the Ukrainian Catholic bishop to the UK and Gibraltar, Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski, visited the University Catholic Chaplaincy to learn about the facilities there and to discuss provisioning of pastoral support for Ukrainian Catholic students at Cardiff University. While none of the students are themselves refugees of the Ukrainian conflict, many of them are closely related to those directly impacted by the current crisis, with friends and families having lost homes and loved ones. Although Ukrainian Greek Catholics have their own style of liturgy, they are in full communion with Rome and during these trying times look to the wider Catholic Body for support as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine continues.

The work of the University Catholic Chaplaincy is to provide pastoral and sacramental care to all Catholics, regardless of what Rite. The primary purpose of our working together with Bishop Kenneth going forward will be to try to find a way of providing care for Ukrainian students which respects their own tradition and language.