Thoughts and prayers to the people of Belgium

Events take place in our world that are dumbfounding and often challenge our Faith.  The evil events that have unfolded in Belgium with the bombings at Zaventem Airport and the Maalbeek metro station have stunned, horrified and shaken people all around the world.  The capacity of the human person to commit such atrocities never ceases to confound the human soul.  We are all called to be a people that a fundamentally good and loving. Terrorism has no place in our world or in the Divine plan.

Violence in the name of God is unacceptable and contrary to a God who is fundamentally good, loving and merciful.  The thoughts and prayers of the Archbishop, clergy and people of the Archdiocese of Cardiff are with the Belgian people and all those affected by these evil acts.  Our hearts and minds also turn in a particular way to those who have been killed in these attacks.  In this Most Holy of Weeks, a week of extraordinary grace let us stand united against such acts and offer continual prayer for the routing out of evil from hearts of those who would commit such atrocities.

We offer the Belgian people to the crucified and Risen Lord for their protection and healing as we approach the Easter season.

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