The Rite of Election 2019

by Dr. James Campbell

The Rite of Election of Catechumens and the Call to Continuing Conversion took place at the Metropolitan Cathedral of St David on Sunday 10th March.

Parishes had sent their aspirants to the Cathedral where they were warmly welcomed by Archbishop George who personally greeted every individual.

It was splendid to see so many people wishing to enter the Catholic Church and from all parishes within the diocese.

The Archbishop delivered an inspiring homily which firmly put the Catholic Church as the inheritors of Christ through Saint Peter, but also warmly acknowledging other Christian faiths.

I remember my own acceptance into the Catholic faith 15 years ago in the cathedral and the warm welcome I received from those present and from the then Archbishop Peter Smith.

You could sense in the cathedral the warmth of acceptance and support for all of those wishing to enter the fellowship of the Catholic Church at the ceremony.

In my case, I had to forward a baptismal certificate from my home town in Dundee where I was baptised into the Church of Scotland. Sadly, the church I was baptised in has now gone, but the records were preserved by Dundee City Council.

I pay tribute to Canon Peter Collins who guided me in my conversion His wisdom and advice and spiritual comfort guided me and still does.

I am glad I am a Catholic! It has given me so much.