The Journey to Krakow

The day started with a very early wakeup call and breakfast. Breakfast was at 6am with everybody boarded on the bus and ready to leave at 7am, with some very tired looking pilgrims! It was another long journey for the group as it took just under eight hours to reach our destination, with a stop half way through for burgers of course!

Before we reach Krakow the group stopped at Auschwitz concentration and death camps. The group had the opportunity to walk around two portions of the famous Nazi sites and to see the remaining buildings and photos that were on display. All pilgrims were encouraged to accept and embrace all emotions and then to remember to learn from the mistakes of the past and the immense power of prayer. It was a harrowing experience for all and it truly reminded everyone of the scale of the war. It was a challenging time and one that tasted the pilgrims faith but it was also a time to look reflectively and to process everything that had been seen and to discuss any questions that arouse with each other.

After another hour on the bus the group finally arrived at the University of Agriculture in Krakow, where the pigrims will be staying over this next week. After sorting rooms, there was late mass in the hallway and the night finished with a midnight pizza feast!