Terrorist Attack in London

Pope Francis has sent a message to Cardinal Vincent Nichols on learning of the terrorist attack in Westminster yesterday.

Dear Cardinal Nichols,

Deeply saddened to learn of the loss of life and of the injuries caused by the attack in central London. His Holiness pope Francis expresses his prayerful solidarity with all those affected by this tragedy.

Commending those who have died to the loving mercy of Almighty God, His Holiness invokes divine strength and peace upon their grieving families and he assures the nation of his prayers at this time.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin

Secretary of State

We join the Holy Father in praying for the repose of the souls of those who died: PC Keith Palmer,Kurt Cochran, a visitor from America, and Aysha Frade who was on her way to collect her two children from St. Mary of Angels School in Bayswater.

We pray for those who have been injured and whose lives will never be the same after this tragedy. We give thanks for the bravery and courage of those who prevented even more tragedy as well as those who cared for the injured and the dying.

No doubt every parish and member of the Catholic community in this Diocese of Cardiff will hold all those who suffered in their thoughts and prayers at Mass this Sunday and in the days to come.

Whatever the motives behind such an atrocity, the words of Cardinal Nichols are particularly appropriate:

“Let our voice be one of prayer of compassionate solidarity, and of calm. All who believe in God, Creator and Father of every person, will echo this voice, for faith is not a problem to be solved, but a strength and a foundation on which we depend”.

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