Staying Together While Apart – a project to help the most vulnerable – from around the Diocese

Treforest, St Dyfrig’s, Fr. Allan Davies-Hale

The printed word is still the most powerful tool for many. A communications development project. Funding secured for creation and maintenance of contacts database to ensure effective mailing to parishioners and community.

Laser printer and postage to reach directly into people’s homes.

Cardiff, St Joseph, Fr Justus Okibo

A package of emergency support reaching deep into the community, achieved through the generosity of volunteers and their gift of time.

Parish volunteers assist in the development and delivery of the newsletter, talking to people they may encounter as they do so, with an increased frequency of postings. Reaching out with personally designed cards with written messages of support. Remembering the vulnerable homeless with door callers offering food, sandwiches and hot drinks, the coffee cups are disposable.

Supporting volunteer stewards who more continuously work with the seniors who come to church and ask help from them. Sashes or clearly identifiable clothing developed as a way to visibly identify volunteers to give confidence to the elderly.

Cardiff, St Peters, Roath, Fr Chris Fuse

Fr Chris Fuse ‘It was wonderful to bring the Parish together in a project to help everyone in the Parish. All volunteers contacted accepted the challenge which was very rewarding.

As a Community we were grateful to have the opportunity to show how we can work together to help others. This project showed a wonderful message of caring and love. It was rewarding to see parishioners attending mass following receiving the leaflet as they were not aware that the Church was open.’

‘We were helped and supported at each stage of the project by the Clergy of the Parish which showed unity for the good of the Parish.’ A mixed media project from traditional leaflets, live streaming over the parish website, even the development of a parish app. Telephone/video calls to provide social support.

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