Statement from Archbishop regarding St. Alban’s parish, Cardiff

It has been announced that Fr. Philip Scanlan I.C., parish priest of St. Alban-on-the-Moors, Cardiff will be retiring in the coming weeks.  Given the news  Archbishop George Stack has released the following statement:

—— BEGINS ——

At the request of Archbishop George Stack, the Rosminian Provincial and Council have agreed to transfer the pastoral care of St. Alban’s Parish, Splott, to the community of the Cardiff Oratory in Formation commonly known as the Oratorians. The community will move from the current university chaplaincy  residence and assume the pastoral care of the parish during August.

Inspired by the charism of St. Philip Neri, the Oratorians care for a number of parishes throughout the world as well as new foundations in England. Parish and hospital work, as well as chaplaincy to the university, are integral parts of their common life, together with their  life of community prayer and recollection. As we look forward to the canonisation of Blessed John Henry Newman, who was nourished by the spirituality of the Oratory, we pray that his legacy will also be the foundation of the work of his brethren at St. Alban’s parish.

—– ENDS —–

The Fathers of the Rosminian order have a long history with St. Alban’s for which we must give thanks.  Particular thanks must also be given to Fr. Scanlan whose gentle persona, deep spirituality, and positive outlook have served not only the Rosminian order but also the Archdiocese of Cardiff with great fidelity.

God bless you Fr. Philip as you enter into a new chapter of your life.  May the Lord continue to smile upon you and be gracious to you. Ad multos annos!

Fr. Michael McCarthy I.C. will move from St. Alban’s to join his brother Rosminians at St. Peter’s Roath.

We also wish Fr. Sebastian Jones C.O. an the members of the oratorion community well as they begin their work in St. Alban’s.

Please keep all involved, especially the parishioners of St. Alban’s in your prayers at this time.