Statement regarding future pastoral provision in the city of Newport

In recent weeks Fr. Michael Ronan who is parish priest of Ringland, St. Julians and Caerleon in Newport has announced his retirement at the end of the summer on health grounds.  Archbishop has released the following statement concerning future Pastoral provision within the city:

The impending retirement of Fr. Michael Ronan as parish priest of St. Gabriel’s Ringland, together with St. Julius, Aaron and David together with St. Julius the Martyr, has necessitated the reorganisation of pastoral provision in the City of Newport.

I have decided that these churches should now become part of the All Saints Pastoral Area to be served by the priests currently working at All Saints. These are Fr. Michael Doyle, Fr. Daniel Stanton and the recently ordained Fr. Robert James. They will reside in the presbytery in Stow Hill.

Rev. Rigo Logier and Rev. Pasquale Cinotti will continue their diaconal ministry, but this will include the wider Pastoral Area. In addition, the Diocese has been blessed with the “loan” of a priest from Poland for the next five years. Fr. Roman Kowalski will reside at Ringland but be part of the overall team and will take his turn with his colleagues in ministering to the whole Pastoral Area. Fr. Peter McLaren, who resides in Cwmbran, has agreed to help the team at weekends in addition to his other responsibilities. And the Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy will continue to their work within the Pastoral Area.

In thanking Fr. Michael Ronan for his years of service both in Ringland and in the Diocese at large, I wish him well for his retirement. Hopefully, when he regains his health, he will be available to do some limited ministry in pastures new.


During the coming weeks, members of the parish team will meet with Fr. Michael Ronan to discuss with him the present pattern and structure of the three areas which comprise Ringland parish. Come the Autumn, priests, deacons and people will be able to plan how we can best work together for the building up of God’s kingdom in this part of the world.

Whilst change brings a period of uncertainty, the words of the prophet Jeremiah continue to ring down the ages and speak to us today: “For I know that I have plans for you … plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. (Jer 29:11)

******** STATEMENT ENDS ********

Let us thank God and pray for Fr. Michael Ronan as he prepares to begin this new chapter in his life.  We pray for the people and city of Newport as this exciting opportunity for the city begins to take shape.  Let us also keep the Pastoral Team of All Saints in our prayers as they plan and work to welcome the people of Ringland, St. Julian’s and Caerleon into the Pastoral Area.

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