Service rewarded in Cardiff parish

On the weekend of the 10th/11th September 2016, Archbishop George Stack visited the parish of Our Lady of Lourdes, Gabalfa with St Teilo’s, Whitchurch to thank and award the hard work of two long standing parishioners.  Mrs Nellie Jefferies of Gabalfa and Mrs Bridget Wynne-Farrell of Whitchurch have served their respective parishes for a number f years undertaking various works including the maintenance of Sacristy Operations.

In acknowledgement of their service, Canon William Isaac made petition to Archbishop Stack for the awarding of the Diocesan Service Medal.  Archbishop Stack introduced the medal 5 years ago when he arrived in the Diocese.  The medal recognises the hard work, dedication and devotion of parishioners in support of the work of their parish and the diocese as a whole.

The medal was awarded to the two at separate celebrations of the Mass in their respective churches.  The celebration was followed by a parish party on both occasions.

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