School brings faith to life

Each member of the Church has an individual journey of faith that they share with those around them.  For five young people at St. Robert’s Primary School in Aberkenfig their journey of faith began at school when they made the decision to be baptised.  Having spent a number of years as pupils at the school the children expressed their desire for baptism and with the support of their parents, sponsors, parish and catechists they entered the Christian community today at a special gathering in their school. Also present were members of year groups who have been studying faith and baptism as part of their religious education syllabus.

During the service Fr. Michael Doyle, parish priest, unpacked the signs and symbols of the Sacrament for all present to learn the importance and significance of the ‘gateway to the Sacraments’ and to support and enhance the content of what the children had already been taught. Giving permission for the baptisms to take place in the school Fr. Michael said “Lived (practical) experience is important to our learning; unfortunately we live in a time where the majority of people have not/will not experience a baptism.  By celebrating the entry of our children into the Christian community with their classmates around him, I would hope that we have reinforced the learning of the pupils whilst celebrating with great joy this milestone in the life of these five children”.

Throughout the celebration there was an air of excitement and joy for all gathered in the school hall.  Mrs Sarah Lewis, R.E. co-ordinator of the school said “We are so proud of our children today. They have shown such a mature attitude and deep commitment during their sacramental preparation.  This marks the beginning of the celebration of three Sacraments for children in our school as 18 children will also make First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion in the coming weeks.”

We wish every blessing to the five who were baptised and pray they will draw closer to Christ each day of their lives.

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