Bishop calls for a redoubling of efforts to establish safer routes into the UK following lorry deaths

Following the tragic news last week of the death of 39 migrants in the back of a container lorry, Bishop Paul McAleenan,  lead Bishop for migration and asylum, has made calls for the redoubling of efforts to provide safe routes for those who seek a better life far from their homeland.  In a statement released on Friday 25th October he said:

“We are praying for the thirty-nine women and men who died, for their families, and for all those across the world who have lost their lives while trying to reach a better future.

“This tragedy underscores the urgent need to redouble our efforts in establishing safe passages and combatting criminals who exploit desperate people.”

What started out as a journey of hope ended in tragedy in an industrial park in Essex.  Our thoughts and prayers lay with the deceased, their families and those affected by this event.