Foreward from Archbishop Mark

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The Safeguarding Team

Safeguarding Co-Ordinator: Chris Mullane

Safeguarding Administrator: Matthew Smith

Safeguarding Caseworker: Annie Griffiths

Are you or someone you know troubled by Abuse?

We are here to help.
The Archdiocese of Cardiff Safeguarding Team is available on:
02920 365960 or by email on:
Our staff will do all they can to listen to you and support you to find the help you need. You can speak to them without giving your personal details.
If you have been abused in childhood the prospect of speaking out now may be frightening.
You may feel that:
  • Your concerns would not be taken seriously
  • You are afraid that you may not be believed
  • You feel that it may cause problems for your family
  • You feel ashamed
  • You are afraid you will be blamed
  • You feel that it may damage your relationships in the Church
You are not to blame for what happened to you. You will be listened to and your concerns will be taken seriously and acted upon as necessary.


Pastoral Resources Centre
910 Newport Road
Tel: 02920 365960


The Safeguarding Team is available to provide advice, support whenever it is needed.

Updates on Safeguarding in the Diocese

Updates on safeguarding in the Diocese:


If a Child or Adult in vulnerable circumstances is in immediate danger you must contact the Police.

If you have other concerns and there is no immediate danger, please contact the Safeguarding Team on 02920 365960.

Our work is overseen by a Safeguarding Trustee Sub-Committee which includes representatives from various organisations both Statutory and Voluntary, as well as those with roles in the Church.


Dr. Nora Killeen – Chair

Aine Lewis

Canon Peter Collins

Fr. Liam Hennessy

Helen Tucker

Mgr. John Maguire

Ann Martin

Tony Bishop

All Parish Safeguarding Representatives have initial training in their role. We also offer advice workshops/ training for groups and parishes if they are requested – if your parish or group would like training please let us know and we will try to meet your needs.

In addition to this there is online training available, in the form of EduCare. If you have a role working with children, young people or adults who may be vulnerable, or if you are a parent who wants to understand on-line safety read the e-learning safeguarding brochure. This explains what training is available via e-learning and how to access any training that interests you.

This e-learning package is part of the Church’s commitment to safeguarding, recognising we all have a role to play in creating a safe environment.

Download now

If you are interested please contact the Safeguarding Team on

The Safeguarding Team are responsible for the safe recruitment of volunteers in the Archdiocese.

This system is largely managed by Parish Safeguarding Representatives who will provide the necessary forms for those who take responsibility for or who have significant regular contact with children or vulnerable adults.

The forms are available on the Diocesan Intranet

Any enquiries about the recruitment process of the Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure system should be addressed to the office on 02920 365960

The Archdiocese of Birmingham follows the ‘one church’ approach to safeguarding as set out nationally. The CSSA procedures manual details the national procedures.

The Safeguarding Team is responsible for the implementation and management of these Safeguarding policies and procedures throughout the Archdiocese.
For queries in relation to this please contact the team directly on 0121 230 6240.