Remembrance Sunday 2018

As we prepare to remember those who gave their lives during the Great War and subsequent conflicts, our hearts and minds are drawn to the fact that the the Great War i.e. the First World War came to an end 100 years ago this year.

Known as the “war to end all wars” over 70 MILLION military personnel engaged in war between 28th July 1914 – 11th November 2018.  It was known as ‘The Great War’ down to the sheer unprecedented scale of the conflict.  When peace finally came the world was convinced that such conflicts would never ensue again.  Sadly history has proved this wrong and even today we still live in a world of heightened tension.

Following the Great War a commemoration was envisaged to remember the millions who lost their lives.  This we now know as Remembrance Day and at memorials throughout our isles wreaths of poppies are laid on the Eleventh Hour, of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month, the moment when peace came to the world.  The Sunday close to Remembrance Day is known as Remembrance Sunday and churches throughout the world pray the fallen.

Within the Archdiocese a number of events are being held to “Remember them”.

Remembrance Day Mass – St. David’s Cathedral, Sunday 11th November at 11:00am

In addition to various parishes throughout the diocese carrying out acts of remembrance, Archbishop George Stack will celebrate the Remembrance Day Mass at St. David’s Cathedral at 11am on Sunday 11th November.  The Mass will include the Two Minutes Silence, the Oration, a trumpeter for the ‘Last Post’ and the Faure Requiem together with the Russion Kontakion for the Dead.

First World War Centenary Commemoration – Cornerstone at 12:30pm

Following the Mass, the Cornerstone, Charles Street, Cardiff, is hosting a Commemorative Service at 12.30 p.m.  Archbishop Stack lead a short service in the Dewi Sant Hall where we will be joined by members of the Charles Street Congregationalists and the Ebeneser Chapel as we commemorate particularly those honoured in the stained glass window in the Hall, and re-dedicate their plaque to the fallen of the Second World War. More information about the event can be found here.

National Day of Remembrance for the Centenary of the Armistice – 3:00pm at Llandaf Cathedral

Archbishop George Stack will participate this Welsh National act of Remembrance.

“When you go Home, tell them of us and say,  For your Tomorrow, we gave our Today”

John Maxwell Edmunds 1916

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