Priest Training Fund Appeal 24th/25th April

If the last year has taught us anything, it is how important parish priests are in providing spiritual and practical support during a crisis.

They’ve made a commitment to us, to provide spiritual care and practical charity for those in need. They do so in parishes, in prisons, hospitals and schools, and in many other ways, preaching, teaching, and being there to offer support and guidance. Those who decide to train for the priesthood have also made a commitment to our faith. Without their sacrifice our community would be all the poorer as we have learnt throughout the pandemic.

The calibre of those who have answered God’s call to serve as priests gives us hope for the future. We must prepare these men as best we can for all the challenges that the world can throw at them. As a church we are committed to ensuring that they receive robust preparation under the guidance of expert mentors.

Worthy Investment

The challenge of a lifelong commitment to serve God and God’s people is daunting. But those who enter seminary know that they are supported by family and friends in their home diocese. Priests are called to live simple lives but high-quality training comes at a price. On average the Archdiocese of Cardiff invests £189,000 in the formation of each seminarian over seven years. Yet following ordination a priest may give back more than 40 or 50-years’ service, so the investment brings a considerable return.

Can you help?

Investing in vocations ensures that future generations will enjoy the support and guidance of a parish priest. We ask our friends, and those who share our vision for a world transformed by Jesus Christ, to consider how they might be able to help.

This Year donations to the Priests Training Fund will be matched pound-for-pound by the Jesuit Seminary and Mission Fund.*

If you would like to support the Priest Training Fund appeal please follow this link to our donation page or scan the attached QR code poster. Alternatively you can request a gift aid envelope at your parish church.

Your generosity and prayers make this possible. Thank you.

* Up to a maximum of £20,000