Poor Clares

Religious Congregation  – Poor Clares

Convent Name – Poor Clare Monastery
Much Birch

Telephone – 01981 540546

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Life with the Poor Clares:

Poor Clares live a life of prayer and praise following in the tradition of St Francis of Assisi and St Clare.  Francis and Clare often used the psalms to praise God for the wonder of life and creation.  The Poor Clares devote themselves to praying ‘the Prayer of the Church’ (the Divine Office) for the whole of humanity, that one day everyone may come to know the depth and love of God.  They pray seven times a day the heart of which is the celebration of the Mass.

Poor Clares make the promise to poverty, chastitiy, obedience and enclosure.  They do not leave the confines of their community unless there is sound practical reason to do and then must have the permission of the Mother Superior.  Visitors to the sisters are met in a dedicated visiting room.  This is to ensure the space and solitude they need for a life of union with God.

The sisters also work together for the benefit and sustainability of the community.  As well as the usual domestic chores, the sisters produce the bread used during the Mass.  They supply a number of parishes within the diocese and further afield.