Pastoral Resources Centre

The Pastoral Resources Centre for the Archdiocese of Cardiff is situated on the B4487, between Newport and Cardiff. It comprises a conference room for up to 60 people, a number of smaller meeting rooms, several offices, a large Chapel and a library. The Pastoral Centre is situated in pleasant grounds. The large conference room at the Centre has an OHP, a power-point projector, mobile screen, flip-chart, TV with video and DVD, microphone system with ‘loop’ and conference chairs. It is an ideal venue for day conferences, training sessions and prayer days. Tea and coffee are available and arrangements for buffet meals are made with outside caterers. There is a Chapel for prayer and services. Parishes and Diocesan bodies are welcome to borrow the portable audio-visual equipment for use at other venues.

The library contains a variety of theological, catechetical, scriptural and spiritual books and periodicals which can be read at the Centre or borrowed. There is also a range of resources for the teaching of RE in schools and for parish based catechesis. The latter includes materials, DVDs, videos and booklets, produced by Catholic Faith Exploration (CaFE); these can be viewed at the Centre.

The Pastoral Resources Centre is the base for a number of diocesan offices and bodies. These include the Director of RE (Schools), the Communications Commission, the Parenting Support Officer and WAMCHS. The diocesan monthly paper ‘The Catholic People’ and the annual ‘Directory and Year Book’ are edited at the Centre. Meetings of a number of Diocesan Commissions and Working Groups are held at the Centre. Regular and occasional courses and series of talks are offered at the Pastoral Centre.

The Pastoral Resources Centre is in regular communication with the parishes of the diocese forwarding information and updates from the various Commissions to parish priests. It is a resource for the whole diocese and seeks to serve all the parishes and schools.

Contact: Sr. Maureen Davies SSJA

Pastoral Resources Centre
910 Newport Road

Tel: 02920 360044

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