Newport Deacon scores a winner with UEFA and the BBC

It has been three weeks since the UEFA Champions League Final took place in Cardiff and Real Madrid won the title beating Juventus 4-1.  In all of the excitement and festival around South Wales for the championship did you spot the winning goal shot by Deacon Pasquale Cinotti of All Saints parish in Newport and his brother Sergio?

A cake fit for champions

When the organisers of the UEFA Championship came to Cardiff the BBC were looking for a champion’s cake to celebrate both the Final itself and the two teams who gave such a thrilling performance.  On hearing of the reputation of the Cinotti brothers and the Gemelli Restaurant, they looked no further.  The spectacular cake combining the trophy, the teams and the field of play all made in white chocolate was a legend in it’s own lifetime. It even had a police escort to escort it safely through the crowds at Cardiff Bay for the big reveal.

Not one to miss an opportunity

It caused much excitement on BBC television as Pasquale presented the cake on the floating pitch in Cardiff Bay on BBC’s “The ONE Show”. Never one to miss an opportunity for evangelisation Deacon Pasquale told us that while they were waiting to go on air Jason Mohammed and the crew were playing a game of who met the most famous celebrity.  Following a long list of names including Luciano Pavarotti, the presenter and crew looked to Pasquale and said “Well what about you?”.  Pasquale responded by taking his phone out of his pocket and saying “Let me show you”; whereupon he showed them a photograph of himself with Pope Francis taken in Rome last year!  They were astounded and excited and wanted to know how he got so close to the Pope.  Deacon Pasquale then told them that as well as playing for team Gemelli, he also plays for the Catholic Church as a Deacon within the Archdiocese of Cardiff (he shoots, he scores yet again).  Deacon Pasquale tells us a long discussion ensued about his role as Deacon and faith.  We hope the cake didn’t melt in the meantime!

Pasquale comes in many guises – chef, restauranteur and as a Deacon. He also makes regular appearances at St. Mary’s Church Stow Hill, St. Michael’s Pillgwenlly, St. Anne’s Malpas, St. David Lewis Bettws, St. David’s Maesglas and St. Basil & Gwladys Rogerstone!

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