New Rite of Marriage and Confirmation

It has been almost 6 years since the New Translation of the 3rd edition of the Roman Missal was released.  The International Commission for English in the Liturgy (ICEL) released the new translation as a long overdue publication to replace the interim translation that came into effect in the 1970s.  As part of their continuing work to bring to the English speaking parts of the world faithful translations of the original Latin texts for Catholic liturgical worship, ICEL has now released new translations of the Order of Celebrating Matrimony and the Order of Confirmation.  Both Orders will come into effect this Easter.

The Order of Confirmation comes into effect at the Easter Vigil (March 26th), with priests using the new texts to confirm those being received into the Church this Easter.  The Order of Matrimony comes into effect from Easter Sunday (March 27th) and any couple getting married within a Catholic Church in the English speaking parts of the world on after Easter Sunday will need to liaise with the priest or deacon about the new text.  From these dates all previous translations are no longer to be used.

Enriching the rites and offering more variations

Both the Order of Celebrating Matrimony and the Order of Confirmation have been produced to draw out more faithfully the nature of the Sacraments being celebrated.  Both texts also offer the minister a wider variation of prayers according to the circumstances he encounters in those coming forward for Matrimony or Confirmation.  Such variations reflect the dignity and organic nature of the Liturgy and its participants.

The Order of Celebrating Matrimony

The Order of Celebrating Matrimony is a new translation of 2nd edition of the Latin Ordo Celebrandi Matrimonium and replaces the Rite of Marriage first published in 1969.

The text contains an Introduction with an overview of the Church’s understanding of marriage.  It has been greatly expanded to give a fuller theology of Marriage and guidance to the liturgy.  There are now four versions of the Marriage liturgy according to different circumstances:

  • Marriage within Mass,
  • Marriage without Mass,
  • Marriage with an assisting layperson
  • and Marriage between a Catholic and a Catechumen (someone seeking baptism as a Catholic) or a non-Christian.

The text also includes Blessings for engaged couples and the Blessing of married couple on their anniversary.

What’s new? – When celebrating Matrimony within Mass a Gloria is now said or sung as a sign of the festivity of the occasion.The readings which are chosen for the wedding need to include one reading which speak explicitly about marriage.  After the bride and groom have given their Consent there is an opportunity for everyone present to thank God with a short acclamation.  As seen above there is a new chapter Marriage ‘in the presence of an assisting layperson’. The Liturgy Office of England and Wales notes “It should be remembered that Catholic liturgical books are intended for different situations across the whole world and it is not considered that there is a need for this within England and Wales”.

Order your copy of the Order of Celebrating Matrimony (Archbishop George Stack has limited supplies at discounted rates.  Please contact Archbishop’s House for more information).

The Order of Confirmation

The Order of Confirmation is a new translation of the 1st edition of the Latin Ordo Confirmationis and replaces the Rite of Confirmation first published in 1969.

The text contains an Apostolic Constitution by Blessed Pope Paul VI which looks at the history and theology of the Sacrament and defines its essential form. The Introduction provides a guide to the celebration of the Sacrament. There are three main forms of the rite:

  • The Order for the Conferral of the Confirmation within Mass,
  • The Order for the Conferral of the Confirmation without Mass and
  • Confirmation to be administered to a sick person in danger of death.

What’s new? – Following the Second Vatican Council the first Latin edition of the Ordo Confirmationis was published in 1969 and the initial English translation published shortly afterwards. There has not been a second Latin edition of the rite so this is a new translation of the same Latin text. The contents of the rite are in essence the same with some minor changes in phraseology.  The previous edition has long been out of print and therefore people may not be familiar with the complete Order of Confirmation.

Catechists are advised to review this new Order to prepare confirmandi for the Sacarament if it takes place from March 26th onwards.

Order your copy of the Order of Confirmation (Archbishop George Stack has limited supplies at discounted rates.  Please contact Archbishop’s House for more information).

Reminder: Once both texts come into use at Easter, the Bishops of England and Wales have stipulated that all former versions of the Rites must not be used.

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