Parents are invited to come together for mutual support and encouragement in fulfilling their vocation of parenthood, through sharing experience while working through a positive parenting programme based on the materials of the Family Caring Trust (FCT). This support is available to parishes, Catholic Schools and other interested groups.

FCT Parenting Programmes are delivered over a 6-8-week period depending on the programme, venue availability and school calendar; 2-hour weekly sessions delivered either by the Family Life Worker (FLW) alone, Co facilitated by the FLW & Trained Volunteers or delivered by Trained Volunteers.

We will liaise with Schools and parishes; arrange visits of introduction and familiarization of programmes, makes arrangements for the programmes to take place, sources all equipment required, organises purchase and payment of parent handbooks from FCT; co-ordinates programme delivery whether by FLW or volunteers or both; prepares all necessary publicity flyers, evaluation forms and registers, collates evaluation forms etc and feeds the findings back to Host & FCT.

  • From Pram to Primary School:

    6 sessions: Parenting small children from birth to age six or seven.

  • What Can a Parent Do?

    6 to 8 sessions: Practical skills to help parents of children aged 5-15 to be happier and more effective.

  • What Can a Parents of a Teenager Do

    6 to 8 sessions:

  • Being Assertive 7 sessions: Ways of respecting others but not letting yourself be walked on - especially for parents

    6 to 8 sessions:

What Does God Expect of Parents!

This is FCT’s Confirmation Parents Programme, designed to help parents assume their responsibilities as first teachers of their children in the ways of faith, through structured reflection on what God expects of parents, on what holiness means at home and on family prayer.

The FLW has facilitated several groups of parents, whose children are preparing for confirmation, and using this resource helped them affirm their sacred vocation to raise their children to become responsible adults

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