New Resource – Growing in Love

For the Amoris Laetitia Family Year

What is Love? What is Love all about? Why is it so difficult to Love sometimes? And why do we spend so much time thinking about Love? Or Do we?

is a new online resource that explores the role of Love in our lives, its joys and sorrows, its compulsiveness and barriers, its rewards and challenges…. all over the kitchen table and a cuppa with a friend.
Over a series of 8 online episodes we will explore the true meaning of love, as well as how and why we need to ‘Grow IN Love’.

What to expect from each episode :

An exploration of what do we really mean by love? Is it just romantic, or are there different models of love that we should be aspiring to? Also how deeper models of love have a transformative effect not just on ourselves, those around us, but also reaches out to others around the world.

In order to find a deeper expression of love we need to understand who we are, as well as all the roles we play. ‘Who am I?’ and ‘what am I for?’ are two of the deepest spiritual questions we all face. This is an opportunity to reflect on our childhood, and how we are shaped by our family and our family experiences.

This is a reflection on the theme of imperfection. It’s OK not to be OK and recognising our need for others is a strength. And sometimes the way of love is not the big things (big romantic gestures) but is found in the small things in life – usually found around a cup of tea!

This is a reflection on the theme of mercy, which is a major theme from Pope Francis’ teachings. What does mercy actually mean and how can we enter into merciful love – a type of love that gives without expecting in return. How do we bring ourselves close to those who need us the most, but have also hurt us the most?

This episode reflects on the role of trinitarian love, which is about love that is perfectly received and perfectly given. This flow can be mirrored in all of our relationships, albeit imperfectly. It is when the flow stops, when we can’t forgive each other, when things go cold, this is where things fall apart.

A reflection on the importance of suffering – most Christian images/artwork have an element of love and suffering held together. This reveals something important, that the heart of God is a suffering heart. When we avoid suffering, we avoid making up with those we have hurt, avoiding fragility, not facing up to the consequences of our actions or those of others etc.

Love has a social implication, it is not just about us, but love reaches out to those around the world, to help those in need, to transform the world into a better place. This is civic love, a love that seeks to transform the systems that keep people trapped in poverty, as well as an ecological love that seeks to protect the world, our common home.

Agape is a tough love, a love that endures all things. The role of the church is a way of helping us get to that fullness of love, it is a dynamic community of love that work together for this greater goal. We need community, we need each other, we need the sacraments, we need prayer.

Episodes Available Now

Episode 1 – What is Love?

Episode 2 – Who am I?

Episode 3 – The Way of Love?

Episode 4 – Love and Mercy

Episode 5 – Flow of Love

Episode 6 – Love and Suffering

Episode 7 – Love Reaches Out

Episode 8 – The Joy of Love

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