If you do find things getting too much, remember to talk to family and friends and share your feelings; if this isn’t possible or appropriate remember there are organisations that can offer support or just a listening ear:
family lives – offer information and support on many aspects of family life and parenting and have a helpline.
Samaritans – call anytime
If you have domestic abuse concerns, Refuge have a 24 hour helpline

Marriage and Family Life

In the messiness of real family life and the ordinariness of our daily lives, it is easy to think that it is ‘only in my family!’ that certain situations occur and ‘challenging’ things happen! But, the reality is that ALL families are chaotic, messy and challenging whilst, hopefully, being sources of great joy and fulfilment; whether emotionally or logistically there are always challenges in any family, and many families will at some point need some extra, specific support.

The aims of our Family Ministry work:

  • We aim to have contacts in deaneries and parishes who can develop ways of celebrating marriage locally
  • We hold Archdiocesan Marriage Celebration Masses
  • We provide training to those who support the bereaved
  • We work with families in developing a spirituality at home
  • We support grandparents and have links to grandparents’ associations
  • We work with parishes setting up and supporting parish family groups
Joanne White

Joanne White

M&FL Co-ordinator & Family Life Worker

Pastoral Resources Centre
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Tel: (029) 2036 5964
email: parenting@rcadc.org

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