Marriage Tribunal

The Marriage Tribunal explores any possibilities that may be available to a divorced Catholic to marry in a Catholic Church, or for a Catholic to marry a divorced person who is not of the Catholic faith.  The formal process is to seek an Annulment (of Marriage).  In the Archdiocese of Cardiff the Marriage Tribunal is known as the National Tribunal for Wales, assisting in such cases throughout the three Catholic Dioceses in the Province.

The Tribunal does not offer relationship advice or help to mediate in any way. The Tribunal exists to make judgements on the possibility of nullity of pre-existing marriages in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

If you would like to seek guidance about the possibility of an annulment please feel free to contact the Marriage Tribunal using the button below or contact the secretary to the National Tribunal for Wales.

Judicial Vicar: Canon Matthew Jones

Tribunal Secretary:

Canon David Hayman,
The Priest’s House,
Conway Road,
NP4 6HL.

Telephone: 01495 762280