Lenten Station Masses

The upcoming Lenten Station Masses for the diocese will be held at the following locations all begining at 7pm and should last an hour.  The locations and dates are as follows:
St Mary’s Bridgend: 2nd March.
St. David’s Cathedral: Monday 7th March.
Belmont Abbey Thursday 10th March.
St. Mary’s Stow Hill Monday 14th March.
St. Mary’s Merthyr Wednesday 16th March.

The “Station Mass” originated in Rome under the auspices of Pope Gregory the Great (590 – 604). They were conceived as a daily pilgrimage in the footsteps of the martyrs and saints. Pilgrims and penitents visited forty churches in Rome on foot and performed penitential exercises and celebrated Mass in each “stopping place” or “station”. In doing so, they were also following the example of Jesus who went out into the desert and fasted for forty days and forty nights in preparation for his mission. It is this “journey” which forms the spiritual background to the forty days of Lent and the journey each of us has to make into the desert of our own hearts and lives.

During this Holy Year of Mercy, our Lenten Journey will take us to each of the Holy Door churches.  As we make the journey through each Door of Mercy may we open the desert of our hearts and minds to God’s infinite Mercy as we prepare for the events of Calvary and Easter.

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