The Joy of Love celebrated at Cathedral

Tuesday 20th January 2018 was a day of immense celebration at Cardiff Cathedral as newly weds, and couples who have celebrated 25, 40 50 and 60 years of marriage gathered in joyful thanksgiving to celebrate the gift of Amoris Laetitia (the Joy of Love) in their live.  Dr. James Campbell reports:

It was a real privilege to be at the Mass of Celebration at St David’s Cathedral on January 20.

As you can see from the pictures flocked to our cathedral to celebrate their marriage vows. And you can see two couples who have celebrated their Diamond Wedding….60 years together raising a family stretching over four generations!.

As a father of two children, who have given my wife Ruth and myself two lovely grandchildren, we both would love to be given the years to see our grandchildren get married and give us the fourth generation like Patrica and Ivan Sadka and Frances and Vincent Kelly.  I pray that God will give us these years!

Children and grandchildren, not to mention great grandchildren, are a real blessing as Archbishop George said at the Mass of Celebration “God really does rejoice at your coming together Your union is a manifestation of the love life of our community. Your marriage is your blessing to each other, your families and to us all and we rejoice in the light your bring us.”

We share our children and grandchildren with our community and rejoice in our friends and relatives who share their children and grandchildren with us.

The Mass of Celebration brought back many memories to me. I remember the day when on holiday in Sorrento, my seven-months pregnant wife with our son Richard, climbed to the top of Mount Vesuvius to witness the steam rising out of the rocks of that volcano, now quiescent, which had destroyed Pompeii.

I remember the rush to the hospital in the early hours of the morning in my Ford Fiesta which resulted in the birth of my daughter Joanna.

I cherish the joy both our children have given us though all the years….and the joy they have given us through their marriages and our two lovely grandsons.

All these memories came back at he Mass and I congratulate the Marriage and Family Life Commission  for organising the Mass. And I also give thanks to the clergy who work with our married couples and those wishing to marry.

It was a wonderful day!

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