The joy of Corpus Christi

Today, with great joy, the Church celebrates the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, the Body & Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As Catholics each time we approach the Altar at Holy Communion we truly believe that the bread and wine presented at Mass have become Christ truly present to us Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  He gives himself to us as ‘food for the journey’ through this life, sustaining us and drawing us closer to him in the next life.  The real, transformative power of the Eucharist marks our souls each time we receive Him in Holy Communion as venial sins are forgiven and grace is increased and we are re-created to be more like the one whom we eat.  This is a source of great joy for us and experiencing this creative love should change us and make us anxious to spread that love in our daily lives.

So as a reflection on this great day we present a sonnet entitled ‘Loves Choice’ by Malcolm Guite:

This bread is light, dissolving, almost air,

A little visitation on my tongue,

A wafer thin sensation, hardly there.

The taste of wine is brief in flavour, flung

A moment to the palate’s roof and fled,

Even its aftertaste a memory.

Yet this is how he comes. Through wine and bread

Love chooses to be emptied into me.

He does not come in unimagined light

Too bright to be denied, too absolute

For consciousness, too strong for sight,

Leaving the seer blind, the poet mute;

Chooses instead to seep into each sense,

To dye himself into experience.

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