Prayer and Solidarity with the People of Italy

The Umbrian region of central Italy is well loved for its idyllic beauty and tranquillity. Both of these were destroyed by the violent earthquake which took place on Wednesday morning and destroyed many hilltop towns and villages. More importantly, it has taken the lives of at least 250 people and injured innumerable others.

It is impossible for us to imagine the pain and suffering being endured by the people of that area at the present time. Prayer and solidarity are the two things we can offer. St. David’s Cathedral will hold a Memorial Mass for the victims in the near future. Details will be published on the Diocesan website. As soon as the immediate rescue plan has been executed there will be appeals for aid directed to the international community. No doubt the Catholic Church in this country and in this Diocese will wish to help. Our condolences will be supported by our charitable outreach to those who have suffered.

+George Stack

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