Is God Calling you, you should listen!

In the Archdiocese of Cardiff, we are blessed to have men answering the call to the Priesthood and Diaconate and choosing to dedicate their lives to Christ and His people. Fr Nicholas Williams, Vocations Director in the Archdiocese of Cardiff, reflects on the joy of ordination.

It is always a great day of celebration for a diocese when a new priest is ordained to offer his life in service of the people of God; to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass for them, to teach and guide them, and to provide a sacramental presence at the heart of the Christian community. In each case, the priest steps forth from the assembled people of God in response to a call he has discerned throughout his journey, throughout his formal education, perhaps his working life, application, assessment and seminary.

Like with any relationship, it is not the candidate or anyone else who alone decides that he has been called to the priesthood; it is a mutual recognition by his bishop and formation staff that the Lord has chosen this man for his ministry. When the candidate promises obedience to his bishop, he publicly manifests the trust and humility that should serve as the cornerstone of his priestly life.

Like everyone preparing for priestly ordination, Elliot Hanson has travelled his own unique path towards the point at which he now stands; Growing up in Barry, studying at Oxford and Southampton and exploring the evangelical Christian Tradition before finding his way to Catholicism, Elliot has been blessed with opportunities to witness many different aspects of the Church.

Having studied at Allen Hall, London, the English College, Rome and Institute Catholique in Paris, and currently serving as a Deacon at St Mary of the Angels and Holy Family in Canton and Fairwater, we now look forward with eager anticipation to Elliot’s priestly ordination at St David’s Metropolitan Cathedral, Cardiff, on 16th July.

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