Iraqi Christians in Wales raise funds for persecuted communities


The Iraqi Christian Association in Wales held a Middle Eastern Breakfast event in the Hall of the Holy Family Church at Fairwater on Saturday 23rd March 2019.

This was a traditional Middle Eastern breakfast. The aim was to get our community in South Wales together and at the same time to raise funds for our people in the Middle East.

Those people, at times of peace, would have normally be completely self sufficient, most being trained and accomplished professionals such as civil servants, teachers, engineers, nurses, farmers, and other professions.

A wonderful event to raise funds

It was a wonderful event and we were pleased to be joined by members of the Coptic community in South Wales. We share with them many things but mostly our love of Christ and his Teachings; we always say, ‘We are united in Christ’.

Several members from the local community attended the event and some who could not do so sent us donations.  We are grateful for their support.  It is wonderful to feel part of the bigger caring and civilised society.

The event raised more than £2500. There are no expenses.  All food items were donated and meals were prepared by our members.  Our main targets are orphanages in Iraq but we also help a primary school for deposed children in Jordan and a mission in Syria.

We continue to pray for Peace in the Middle East.