Invite a friend to Mass for Adoremus Sunday

Every Sunday Mass is amazing! On Sunday 1st July, we want to invite Mass-going Catholics to bring a friend – a non-churchgoing Catholic, or someone who’s never been to Mass before – to come and discover what happens every Sunday in their local Catholic Church.

The Evangelisation Office for the Archdiocese of Cardiff has produced a beautifully illustrated brochure to help everyone who comes along to follow what takes place during Mass that weekend. Parishes have ordered brochures for everyone at Mass that weekend, and are asked to now think about what else they can do to give an extra welcome to guests who come. This might look like having welcomers on duty before Mass, making a hot drink or a light lunch available after Mass, offering a guided tour of the artistic treasures in your church, or an exhibition of work your church does in the local community. It’s up to each participating parish to decide whether to offer a special event at just one Mass that weekend (probably on the Sunday morning) or at all Masses.

Why 1 July? The New Wine Cymru network of churches is running a street mission across Wales over the last four days of June and encouraging anyone they meet on the street to try out their local church on Sunday 1st July. We are also running our own street outreach the weekend before (June 23-24) in Barry and Newport. We will be offering passers-by a simple invitation to light a candle and pray with us as well as handing out prayer cards with local Mass times as an invitation to come along. If you wish to get involved with the street mission please contact Madeline (details at the end).

However, we recognise that this style of outreach may not be possible for many people, so we also ask you to invite a friend to church for 1st July. Perhaps someone that always appears curious about your Catholic Faith, a relative or someone you have been praying for.

We are calling this Adoremus Sunday because, as part of our preparation for the national Eucharistic Congress Adoremus in September, it is part of renewing every worshipping Catholic’s sense of amazement at the gift which is offered to them every Sunday. Although Corpus Christi Sunday might seem a more natural date, we want to leave parishes free to do their own processions or other established local activities on that weekend. 1st July is a Sunday in Ordinary Time so it emphasises what we experience every Sunday. It’s also a good date for people who might then choose to join adult preparation for becoming a Catholic (RCIA) in the autumn.

Please think about what your local parish could do for 1st July and offer your own practical help.

If you require any support, further information or ideas on what to do please in touch with Madeline Page (029 2036 5965). Please do keep this event, especially those who we will be inviting to Mass, in your prayers and get in touch if you would like to volunteer in any way.

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