Finding refuge in Wales

On Friday 20th May, Archbishop George Stack travelled to the parish of St. Mary’s Chepstow to join the parish and school communities in welcoming a refugee family from Ukraine to their new home.  The ongoing invasion by Russia has seen the displacement of millions of Ukrainians who have left home to find peace and refuge in foreign lands.  With each passing day, new tragedies and atrocities are heard of from the conflict zone.

The parish and school of St. Mary’s Chepstow generously answered the call to ‘open the doors’ to those seeking refuge by offering a home to a Ukrainian family.  The family have taken up residence in what used to be the caretaker’s bungalow on the grounds of the church and school.  This was made possible in a partnership between the UK government, St. Mary’s Chepstow and the Archdiocese of Cardiff.

In speaking of the ongoing response to the Ukrainian situation, Archbishop Stack said:

‘Many individuals and parishes have donated to the Ukranian Disaster Fund. The Lenten Alms in our parishes have be dedicated to Ukraine too. I am pleased to say that the Archdiocese of Cardiff and the Diocese of Menevia have both “registered their interest” with the UK Government in offering two houses each for refugee families. And I know of parishioners who have opened their homes also.’

The new residents received a warm and friendly welcome as can be seen from the photographs.  We wish them every happiness in Wales and continue to pray for an end and justice in the ongoing conflict.