Bats in Churches ‘Working With Churches’

Bats in Churches 'Working With Churches' Description  This 90 minute session is designed for bat workers or bat enthusiasts, of all experience levels, to give a good grounding in working with church communities and in church buildings. We’re aiming the session for those with no previous experience or knowledge of churches, but everyone is welcome. […]

Installation of the 8th Archbishop of Cardiff

Cardiff Cathedral 38 Charles Street, Cardiff

Having served the Diocese as Archbishop for the past 11 years, Archbishop George Stack travels to Cardiff Cathedral for the installation of his successor as Archbishop. During the Liturgy, having received the mandate from Pope Francis, Archbishop will ceremoniously hand over the crozier (shepherd's crook) as a sign of the transfer of responsibility and authority […]

Basic Security for your Place of Worship

Basic Security for your Place of Worship Description  The Churches' Legislation Advisory Service and SAFE by CST present a webinar on Basic security for places of worship. Learning Objectives: In a constantly changing world, Safety is no longer a guarantee. Basic security is the first of our core webinars, designed to raise your awareness of […]


44th ANNUAL JUSTICE AND PEACE CONFERENCE 22nd – 24th July 2022 The Hayes, Derbyshire ‘HOPE! A VERB WITH ITS SLEEVES ROLLED UP’ Speakers include: Philip McDonagh, TOWARDS A CIVILISATION OF HOPE Fr Patrick Devine SMA of Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation. Tim Livesey CEO of Embrace the Middle East. Delivered by: NATIONAL JUSTICE & PEACE […]