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Diocesan Evangelisation Group – Partners in Mission

There are many ways of passing on the Catholic Faith! We have many Partners in Mission.

In addition to running the Come & See project, the Diocesan Evangelisation Group recognises that other activities take place to promote the Faith within the territory of the Archdiocese of Cardiff, run by individual parishes, religious orders, or independent groups of the faithful.

We are happy to recognise, and register on our list of contacts, such Partners in Mission who are also working in the Archdiocese of Cardiff. Those qualifying as partners in mission can include those whose focus is:

• Implicit evangelisation – where members of the Church, motivated by Christian compassion, do good works in the community without drawing attention to their Christian beliefs, unless recipients of help explicitly ask;

• Explicit evangelisation – where the person of Jesus or the message of the Catholic Church is clearly presented to those who may have no prior knowledge;

• Catechesis – where persons with a tentative or firm desire to become Catholic receive instruction in prayer, in the teachings of the faith, and in integration with a local parish community;

• Outreach to non-Churchgoing Catholics – where those who were brought up Catholic but no longer attend church are encouraged and enabled to return to the practice of their faith;

• Prayer for the Spread of the Gospel – all the tasks above must be underpinned by prayer, and those who feel called to pray and intercede for this work are also essential partners in the work of the church.

All our Partners in Mission are invited to attend our monthly Keep FIT events in order to exchange ideas, and support one another in prayer and fellowship.

Local Parishes

Our most important Partners in Mission are the parishes of the Archdiocese. It is within these parishes that new and returning Catholics will worship together and experience the Catholic faith more deeply. It is not the role of the Evangelisation Group to provide alternative catechesis, but rather to engage with those who are not yet Catholic, so that they can find a spiritual home in their local parish.

The Diocesan Adult Education Department has set up two webforums to support Catechists:


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