Historic Churches Committee for Wales and Herefordshire

Catholic churches and chapels in our local communities give witness to the faith of past generations and to the transcendence of Almighty God.  They also continue to serve the faith of present generations and should be cared for to serve the generations yet to come.

Churches and chapels that are either listed buildings or located in conservation areas are exempt from state planning controls affecting buildings not used for worship, provided controls and safeguards are put in place to ensure the longevity of the buildings.  Such controls are regulated by the local Historic Churches Committee.

The Historic Churches Committee works according to principles laid down by the patrimony committee of Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales and must follow ‘due process,’ which includes consulting with Cadw, the national amenity societies and the relevant local planning authorities, before it can grant the equivalent of Listed Building Consent.

Mr Tom Longford serves are the chair of the Historic Churches Committee for Wales and Herefordshire.

Mr. James Crowley serves as the secretary and should be contacted regarding any enquiries using the details below.

Archbishop’s House,
43 Cathedral Road,
CF11 9HD

Tel: 07594 931729

Email the HCC Secretary