Administration of the Archdiocese of Cardiff

The word ‘diocese’ is derived from the greek for ‘administration’.  A diocese is effectively an administration of local churches.

The head of the administration is the diocesan bishop, in our case the Archbishop of Cardiff.  The bishop then appoints a Vicar General(s) [VG] to assist him in the governance of the diocese.  The various offices and departments that coordinate the administrative and pastoral tasks of the diocese is known as the ‘Diocesan Curia’.

In addition to the Vicar General, the bishop must also appoint a Judicial Vicar who acts on behalf of the bishop in cases relating to Canon Law within the diocese.  Also appointed is a Chancellor who acts as the official diocesan records-keeper.  It is also possible to have Episcopal Vicars who act on behalf of the bishop with his effective power within prescribed areas.

The diocesan curia is made up of clergy and lay people who fulfil various administrative tasks.  Within this section of the website you can find out more about some of the curial roles and the people who perform the function.

Diocesan Archives

The Diocesan Archives consist of a substantial collection of papers, manuscripts, correspondance, books, registers, ledgers, photographs and items of interest.  The Archives do not extend far back beyond the erection of the Archdiocese in 1916, however a few items do pre-date this period.  The archive contains the Acta (working documents) of the Archbishops, private papers are very few.

Anyone with an interest in the history of the Archdiocese or the life of the Catholic Church within Wales may find the contents of the archives of interest.  Please note that over the years the catalogue system has not been maintained effectively and the archivists are currently recatalouging sections of the archives.

Please note the archives are not available for the general public to access, however the archivists will be happy to assist genuine research.

Tracing Family History

Please note that the archives do not contain complete registers for all the parishes within the Archdiocese.  Any enquiries regarding the tracing of Baptisms, Weddings, Funeral entires should in the first case be directed to the parish concerned.  Complete parish registers are either kept within the relevant parish or the local authority archives.  The diocesan archivists should be able to assist you in your dealings with local authority archives.

Accessing the archives for research

It may be possible to grant access to the archives for research purposes but this will need to be strictly by appointment. For further information please contact the archivists (details below).

Contact Details

Mr Peter Sims-Coomber,
Archbishop’s House,
41-43 Cathedral Road,
CF11 4HD.

Email the Archivist

The Diocesan Curia

The diocese is entrusted to the care of the diocesan bishop.  He exercises the fullness of governance over the diocese.  The diocesan curia aids the bishop in the administration of the diocese.  The curia primarily aids the bishop in directing pastoral activities, performing administration and excercising juridical powers as laid down within the norms of the law of the Church (Canon Law).  The curia is made up of individuals and structures (departments and commissions) who share in the overall administration of the diocese.  They help direct the life of the Church within the diocesan regions.  Most curial persons/departments/commissions have their own sections within this website under the ‘Commissions & Committees’ section of ‘People & Places’.  This page lists those who do not have separate entries.

Diocesan Office »

Archbishop’s House,
43 Cathedral Road,
CF11 9HD.

Tel: 029 2022 0411

Email the Administration Office

Vicar General »

Monsignor Joseph Boardman,
St Joseph’s Presbytery,
Wordsworth Avenue,
CF64 2RL

Tel: 029 2070 8247

Email the Vicar General

Chancellor »

Canon David Hayman,
The Priest’s House,
Conway Road,

Tel: 01495 762280

Email the Chancellor

Judicial Vicar »

Canon Matthew Jones,
St. Brigid’s Presbytery,
Crystal Glen,
CF14 5QN

Tel: 029 2075 2389

Episcopal Vicar for Religious »

Rev. Dom Matthew Carney O.S.B.

The Priory of Our Lady & St. Michael
10 Pen-y-Pound

Telephone: 01873 851051

Email the Episcopal Vicar for Religious


Sr Josephine Egan – Telephone: 01873 853370
Sr Mary Michael – Telephone: 01633 483232

The Cathedral Chapter »

Provost: Canon John Kelly

Chapter Canons:

Monsignor Canon Joseph Boardman, Canon Peter Collins, Canon Barry English, Canon Michael P. Evans, Canon John Griffiths, Canon David Hayman, Canon Matthew Jones, Canon Edward O’Connell and Canon Patrick O’Gorman.

Canons Emeriti:

Monsignor Canon John Maguire and Monsignor Canon Robert Reardon.

The College of Consultors »

The Cathedral Chapter also serve as the College of Consultors for the Archdiocese

The Council of Priests »

Canon Law requires that a presbyteral council (Council of Priests) exists “to aid the bishop in the governance of the diocese according to the norm of the law, in order that the pastoral welfare of the portion of the people of God entrusted to him may be promoted as effectively as possible.”

Chair: Canon John Griffiths

Secretary: T.B.C.

The Archbishop has decreed that all members of the presbyterate are members of the Council of priests.

Trustees of the Archdiocese »

As a registered charity within the United Kingdom, the Trustees of the Diocese act as a board to ensure the requirements of the charity are being fulfilled.


Most Rev. George Stack, Archbishop of Cardiff.  Monsignor Joseph Boardman V.G., Mr John Antoniazzi, Mr Michael Prior & Canon Peter Collins.

Secretary to the Trustees:

Sr. Maureen Davies SSJA
Pastoral Resources Centre
910 Newport Road

Telephone: 029 2036 044

Email the Secretary to the Trustees

Treasurer »

Mr David Evans FCCA,
Archbishop’s House,
43 Cathedral Road,
CF11 9HD.

Tel: 029 2022 0411

Email the Diocesan Treasurer

Development Manager »

Mr Owen Collins,
Archbishop’s House,
43 Cathedral Road,
CF11 9HD.

Tel: 02920 374148

Email the Development Manager

Diocesan Architect »

Mr Christopher Jones R.I.B.A.
Archbishop’s House
43 Cathedral Road,
CF11 9HD

Telephone: 029 2037 4148

Email the Diocesan Architect

Diocesan Adviser on Health Care and Hospital Chaplaincy »

Rev’d Peter Davies
153 Gabalfa Avenue
Llandaff North
CF14 2PB
Telephone: 07484 841629

Email the Diocesan Adviser on Health Care and Hospital Chaplaincy

Registrar for Deceased Clergy »

Archbishop’s House
43 Cathedral Road
CF11 9HD

Telephone: 029 2022 0411

Email the Administration Team

Archbishop’s Delegate for Inter-Faith Affairs »

Rev. Dr. Philip Manghan
Archbishop’s House
43 Cathedral Road
CF11 9HD

Telephone: 029 2037 9031

Email the Archbishop’s Delegate

National Marriage Tribunal For Wales (Erected 2007) »

Registered Office:

Archbishop’s House
43 Cathedral Road
CF11 9HD


Canon Matthew Jones MA, LCL (Judicial Vicar), Rev Terrence Carr MA, JCL (Associate Judicial Vicar)


Canon David Hayman BD, MA
The Priest’s House
Conway Road

Telephone: 01495 762280

Email the National Marriage Tribunal

Communications and Press Officer »

Diocesan Newspaper – ‘Catholic People’

Editor: Dr. James Campbell

Telephone: 029 2055 2255

Email ‘Catholic People’

Diocesan Yearbook & Directory

Miss Veronica Clow

Telephone: 029 2046 4830

Email the Yearbook Editor

Press Enquiries

Please contact Archbishop’s House

Diocesan Web

Rev’d Michael Doyle

Email the WebAdmin

Diocesan Education Department »

Schools Commissioner:

Mrs Anne Robertson
Pastoral Resources Centre
910 Newport Road

Telephone: 029 2036 5963    Email the Schools Commissioner

Catholic Education Service Advisor for Wales and Archdiocesan Schools:

Mrs Angela Keller
Pastoral Resources Centre
910 Newport Road

Telephone: 07903 850654     Email the CES Adviser

Director R.E. (Schools) and CCRS:

Rev Dr Bernard Sixtus
Pastoral Resources Centre
910 Newport Road

Telephone: 029 2036 2599     Email the Director of R.E. (Schools)

Assistant: Miss Frances Bibey    Email regarding R.E. (Schools) / Email regarding CCRS

Director Adult Religious Education:

Rev Gareth Leyshon
Email Director Adult Religious Education

Ongoing Formation Advisory Committee:

Canon David Hayman, Rev’d Matthew Carney O.S.B., Rev’d Robert Coyne

Email the Ongoing Formation Advisory Committee

Diocesan Ecumenical Officer »

Awaiting appointment. For enquiries please contact Archbishop’s House.