Corpus Christi High School undertakes week long remembrance

As the world remembered the Centenary of the ending of the First World War, Corpus Christi High School in Cardiff undertook a week of remembrance.  Mr. Elliot Thomas reports:

To commemorate the centenary of the ending of the First World War, pupils from Corpus Christi High School in Cardiff took part in lessons that were focussed on the Great War. Utilising a cross-curricular approach Year 9 pupils were enabled to learn about the War from a different perspective. For example, in cookery classes the pupils made “Trench Biscuits”; in Welsh, they produced Welsh recruitment posters; in English classes they studied war poetry and produced a poem; and in Science they learned Morse code and about the various diseases that were contracted during the War.

We concluded the week with a “Red for Remembrance” day.   Pupils were encouraged to wear red clothing to school, with donations going to the work of the Royal British Legion. During the day we held a remembrance service in our new memorial garden. It was a very sombre occasion, where we remembered the fallen soldiers who risked their lives for our freedom. The school dedicated a new bench in remembrance of the fallen, whilst a talented Year 7 pupil played the Last Post.  A number of our pupils are cadets within local groups and played a key role in our act of remembrance.

The final day finished with a First World War themed event in the school library. School staff dressed up as figures from the Great War and pupils were given the opportunity to experience trench food, including the famous trench stew. The Firing Line Museum came and gave the learners first-hand experience of the outfits soldiers wore and the equipment they used, including authentic gas masks and weapons from the period. The Royal British Legion were on hand selling poppies and other memorabilia. With the music from the period also playing.

The week was both profound and enlightening, our pupils learned a lot over the course of the week highlighting the importance of the Great War in the history of our world.

Many thanks to the Firing Line Museum, Helen Morgan from the Royal British Legion and to all the staff and teachers of Corpus Christi for supporting the event and raising money for charity.

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