Coronavirus Faith Capsule

As we begin to welcome members of faith back to local celebrations of mass, it is beneficial to reflect on our recent experiences of lockdown in relation to our faith.

The new Coronavirus Faith Capsule Podcast aims to do just that. Focusing on faith, the podcast will be a unique place for conversations regarding how personal faith has grown, changed, or even been tested in the recent and on-going times of uncertainty and unfamiliarity. The podcast will feature members of the community from all walks of life, inviting each individual to discuss their own experiences offering advice and reassurance.

The podcast will be hosted by Cardiff Cathedral’s Fr Daniel Stanton, who commented: “All of us have a story to share, and invaluable experiences to record for future generations.” Fr Daniel has taken inspiration from BBC Radio 4’s The Listening Project as well as another interview featured on Loose Ends about an organisation, which has been interviewing teenagers about their experiences of lockdown. Upon hearing about the success of this project, the seed was sown for Fr Daniel’s new project.

In times when meeting people is hard, a podcast can be familiar conversation in the comfort of your own home, connecting people within our community – yet another example of how the local parishes continue to do fantastic work to connect the community in times of great uncertainty.

The podcast will rely on volunteers from our faith community to share their own experiences, challenges, thoughts, and feelings. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved, make your voice heard and maybe help someone else overcome these difficult times.

The podcast will be able to stream on several different platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and on our website. To participate in the new podcast, please email Fr Daniel at or complete a short questionnaire:

We look forward to hearing about your experiences on the podcast and we hope that those listening at home find comfort and enjoy learning about how others have used their faith over the last few months and are well placed to deal with the ongoing challenges. We would also like to thank Fr Daniel for his continued work to support the Parish community.