Confirmation season continues as young people say yes to the gifts of the Holy Spirit

The months of May, June & July are particularly busy within the life of our parishes as these are the months during which the Sacraments of First Holy Communion & Confirmation are administered to our young people.  It is an especially busy period for Archbishop George Stack who visits every corner of the diocese to administer Confirmation.

The Sacrament of Confirmation completes the cycle of initiation into the Christian Life.  The Bishop, as a successor of the Apostles and a co-worker of the Pope, personally calls down the fullness of the Holy Spirit into the lives of our teenagers who have made the firm commitment to follow the path of discipleship and commit themselves to Christ and His Church.  One such ceremony recently took place in the parish of Monmouth with Ross-on-Wye.  Dr. James Campbell, Editor of the ‘Catholic People’ was on hand for this report:

Archbishop George presided at a Confirmation Mass at St Mary’s RC Church in Monmouth on Sunday 23 June.

There were eight candidates from the churches of Monmouth and Ross-on-Wye: Jennie Cloud, James Coolican Smith. Dominic Davies, Freya Dorman, Jasmine Foulkes, Olivia Sherrinton, Lucy Tonkin and Joseph Urding.

The small but beautiful church of St Mary’s was packed out with parents and relatives of the young people being received into the Church for this wonderful occasion.

Archbishop George, in his homily, expanded on the theme of the opening hymn “Here I am Lord.” He related this to the young people presenting themselves for confirmation.

It was a great day for Father Nicholas Jones, the parish priest, and all the candidates, sponsors, parents, catechists, parishioners and all those who have helped the candidates in preparation for this special day.

As an outsider witness at St Mary’s, and as someone who converted as a adult to the Catholic faith, it was intensely moving to see all these young people welcomed into our Church. You could see the joy in their eyes and also the pride of their parents, sponsors and all the church community.

A wonderful day for them all … and those like myself who came to witness the confirmation of these young people!