Chaplains share their experience of Corona visits

The words “Covid-19” and “Coronavirus” are going to be etched into the memories of everyone for quite some time.  For some it will be because of the time they had to stay at home and do nothing; for others it will be memories of the fight on the ‘front line’ of the pandemic and for some of our priests it will be the different approach that has be taken in pastoral contact with people.

Today Wales Online published an article entitled “The incredible pain and heartbreaking loss hospital chaplains are seeing because of coronavirus” by Laura Clements.  The piece gives an inside perspective of being a hospital chaplain during the coronavirus pandemic.  The article featured two priests of this Diocese: Fr. Peter Davies chaplain to the local health board in Cardiff, and Fr. Nicholas Williams the Assistant Priest of St. Mary of the Angels with Holy Family, Cardiff and part time chaplain at the University Hospital.  In an insightful piece both priests speak of the wide-ranging and often heartbreaking consequences of the coronavirus.

To read the article visit click here.

We continue to pray for an end to the pandemic, for those suffering with the coronavirus, those working on the frontline and those who have lost their lives.  Today Pope Francis offered Mass for the victims of the virus throughout the world. And we say thank you to Fr Peter, Fr Nick and all our chaplains who continue to do their best in these difficult times.