Celebrating the wonderful season of Christmas

As the celebration of the Nativity of the Our Lord Jesus Christ approaches most of us find ourselves with heightened emotions this year.  2020 has been a year of social distancing and limited numbers at Mass.  Some of us may be on our own this Christmas but there is ONE thing that remains constant even in the midst of global pandemic.

The love, joy and peace of that the Christ child brings can never be quenched and with that comes our HOPE.  Hope in the fact that the babe of Bethlehem came into this work for one purpose alone, to bring Salvation to all who will accept him.  Hope in the knowledge that is global pandemic will diminish and one day we will be able to gather once again and celebrate all the year events in the way we have become accustomed.  And finally the HOPE that we are never truly alone as we prepare to welcome the Christ child into our hearts this Christmas.

With these things in mind …. how can we celebrate Christmas in 2020?

The Archdiocese has produced a six page handout entitled “CELEBRATING THE WONDERFUL SEASON OF CHRISTMAS”.  The guide encourages and guides us in the ways we celebrate the birth of the Lord in church and at home.  The guide is free so feel free to pass it on to others.