Cathedral Chapter Elects Provost

On Tuesday 1st March 2016, prior to celebration of Mass on the Feast of St David, patron of Wales and Cardiff Cathedral, the Chapter of Canons of St David’s Cathedral elected Monsignor Canon John Maguire as Provost of the Chapter.

The role of Provost within the Diocese of Cardiff has been vacant for a number of years.  On the occasion of the Cathedral Chapter returning to full compliment with the installation of four new Canons, the Chapter met prior to the installation Mass to hold the election.  Archbishop George Stack confirmed the election with Monsignor Maguire presiding over a ‘Chapter Mass’ with the installation of the new Canons at St. David’s Cathedral.

The Provost sits as head of the Cathedral Chapter and ensures the smooth running of the Chapter and the governance role it fulfils within the Diocese.  He presides at Chapter events, most notably the regular Chapter meetings held in accordance with the decrees of the Constitution of the Chapter of St David’s Cathedral.

We wish Monsignor Maguire well in this role and offer him and the Cathedral Chapter our prayers int heir important work as close advisers to the Archbishop as he governs the Archdiocese of Cardiff.

Monsignor Maguire is pictured with Archbishop George Stack following the Chapter Mass.

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