The Official start

Day three started with a pleasant lie in for everyone. The group was given time to recover from our late arrival in the early hours and the group took full advantage of the late start, some more than others!

The Longest Journey

The 19th of July, a day 37 pilgrims and their families have had pencilled in the diary for over a year. All the preparations, fundraising and packing finally finished. With final goodbyes the pilgrimage began and the long journey to Poland by bus started!

Introducing the Cardiff Pilgrim Kit

Part of the WYD experience is the reception of the Official Pilgrim Kit on arrival at the host city. As part of our WYD pilgrimage the pilgrims from the Archdiocese of Cardiff will receive a basic pilgrim kit ….

Unite with us in Prayer

Even if you aren’t in Krakow you can join the Youth of the World by listening to the radio, watching the events on tv, following us on social media or just united with us in prayer.

Reconciliation Zones being set up for WYD

At the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Lagiewniki, the Jordan Park and St. Mary’s Basilica will be located zones of Reconciliation. WYD participants will be able to confess to more than 100 additional confessionals.

Final preparations underway as for WYD

Final preparations are underway as our diocesan team prepare to take some of our young people to Poland to meet Pope Francis and young people from around the worlds for the World Youth Day celebrations. As witnessed in this photograph we are taking things very seriously!