Introducing the Cardiff Pilgrim Kit

Part of the WYD experience is the reception of the Official Pilgrim Kit on arrival at the host city.  As part of our WYD pilgrimage the pilgrims from the Archdiocese of Cardiff will receive a basic pilgrim kit containing:

  1. Drawstring backpack with part of the official WYD design and the the slogan C2Kwyd (Cardiff 2 Krakow World Youth Day).
  2. Baseball cap for protection from the sun, marked with the diocesan theme for WYD “Growing in Mercy”
  3. Rosary
  4. Divine Mercy prayer card with the Divine Mercy Chaplet
  5. Bookmarks depicting the cityscape of Krakow and key scenes from the Archdiocese of Cardiff
  6. LED Torch for the night time walks!
  7. Flag for waving on arrival of the Holy Father – English and Welsh representing both parts of the Diocese.
  8. Notebook and pen for writing about their WYD experiences.

On departure the pilgrims will also be presented with two polo shirts emblazoned with the pilgrimage group logo and the Archdiocesan Centenary Logo.  All of these items have been chosen to enhance our pilgrimage experience.  They will be accompanied by items given to the pilgrims at both Bialystok and Krakow.

More News from WYD 2016

A Look Back On Our WYD Experience

To summarise WYD in a word, sentence of even a paragraph is impossible. As our Cardiff pilgrims arrived back into a rain soaked Wales it was evident to see the change in each and every one of them.

Our Last Day

It was another early start for the group as we all finished packing our backpacks and sleeping bags ready for the long walk and overnight stay at the vigil in Brzegi.

Day at the Mercy Centre

Today began with a trip to the Mercy Centre and Catechesis at Tauron Arena Krakow, for all English speaking pilgrims. Here we heard a variety of talks from a number of speakers.