How you can respond to the Pope’s plea

Pope Francis has called on people to “not forget the tragedy of persecution” of Christians in Iraq, James  Campbell writes.

“Mercy calls us to bend down to our brothers and sisters so we may dry their tears; cure their wounds, physical and moral; and console their hearts, which have been broken, and perhaps lost,” the Holy Father added.

We in the Cardiff Archdiocese have an opportunity to respond in a practical way to Pope Francis’ appeal.

Members of the Iraqi Christian community in South Wales are organizing an event to raise funds to help  distressed and displaced families in the north of Iraq.

They have organized a traditional Iraqi breakfast to take place at The Holy Family Church, Carter Place Cardiff, between 11am and 1pm on Saturday June 11.

The menu will include a variety of delicious famous Iraqi food at a cost of £15 for adults, £10 for children under 14  and free for those under five years old.

For catering purposes please book and pay no later than June 5 by contacting Mr Laith Khalaf, on 07776 090075. Payment can be cash or cheque made payable to ICAW and sent to 1 Roper Close, Danescourt, Cardiff CF5 2RD. Donations are also welcome.

Please think of our fellow Christians suffering for their faith in Iraq.

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