Breathtaking festival comes to an end

In what has been a ‘first’ a very successful and breathtaking Festival of Flowers has drawn to a close at St. David’s Cathedral.  Over the weekend of July 1st – 4th 2016, the Festival has provided an amazing oasis of visual beauty and splendour, and the sweet aroma of God’s creation.  Organised as part of the Diocesan Centenary celebrations, the festival was comprised of displays provided by generous donors and parishes throughout the Diocese and beyond!

Given the title ‘Laudato Si’ (Praise to you), the festival used the beauty of God’s creation in flowers to give praise and honour to the Almighty as we give thanks for 100 years of life within the Archdiocese of Cardiff.  Throughout the run of the festival the cathedral was filled with the music of musicians and choirs from around the Diocese, including young talent from the various schools.  It was truly a magnificent experience for the senses for those who came through the door of the Mother Church of the Diocese.

A debt of gratitude is owed to those who organised the magnificent display, both to co-ordinators and volunteers.  A rich talent of florist skills as been on display from amongst the people of the Diocese of Cardiff.

A selection of photographs of the event, courtesy of Mr. Karol Steckiewicz, can be found below.  Click here to see the complete collection of photographs.

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