Bishop calls on Catholics to engage with election issues

With the Welsh elections taking place on May 6th, Archbishop George Stack has written a letter to Catholics calling them to make their voices heard in the common good for all.  He reminds Welsh voters that “A significant number of important issues are devolved to the Government of Wales”, some of which have a direct impact on the Catholic Community.

As one of the largest denominations in Wales the Archbishop calls on the Catholic people of Wales to engage with the issues by contacting their election candidates to make or views heard and knowing their position carry out our democratic and moral responsibility by voting with an informed conscience.   For these elections the bishops ask us to focus on five key areas:

  • Education
  • Life Issues
  • Historic Churches
  • Health Care
  • The Environment

You can download a copy of the Archbishop’s letter and what we are being asked to consider as the five key issues facing the Catholic community in Wales by using the buttons opposite.

To close, the Archbishop calls on all of us to pray for the election candidates and the new Welsh Government as they take on the burdens of responsibility.