A new Candidate for Holy Orders

On Saturday 28th May, on a very sunny day in London, Bishop John Sherrington, Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster,  visited Allen Hall Seminary to admit five men as Candidates for Holy Orders.  One of those men was Cardiff seminarian, Dale Cutlan.

Dale and his fellow seminarians, having completed the major part of their formation for priesthood, were invited to express their commitment to complete their formation in service of the Church.  Bishop Sherrington summed up the assessment of the Church and asked the Candidates-to-be to express their commitment to enter Holy Orders:

“My sons, the pastors and teachers in charge of your formation, and others who know you, have given a favourable account of you, and we have full confidence in their testimony.

In response to the Lord’s call, are you resolved to complete your preparation so that in due time you will be ready to be ordained for the ministry of the Church?”

Following an affirmative response, Dale and his fellow Candidates were asked to prepare in “mind and spirit” to give faithful service to Christ and his Church.  Everyone present in the chapel accepted the declaration of the Candidates and they now prepare to enter the final period of formation before Ordination.

For the past year Dale and his fellow Candidates have been living and working in parishes across the U.K.  Dale has spent the year in the parish of Potters Bar, London.  He was supported at the Candidacy Ceremony with the presence of his sisters, the parish priest and representative parishioners of Potters Bar, and by Fr. Nicholas Willams and Fr. Michael Doyle of the Archdiocese of Cardiff.

Throughout the world ‘Candidacy for Holy Orders’ arrives at different points in the formation of new priests.  In some places it is used as an acceptance of new students into the seminary system, however, in the West, Candidacy is usually the last step taken prior to Ordination to the Diaconate; it is seen as an acknowledgement of the Lord’s call within the life of the Candidate and the Church’s acceptance of that call.  Dale and his fellow Candidates will return to Allen Hall Seminary in the Autumn to enter into the formational year for Admission as a Deacon.  We wish Dale and his fellow Candidates well and support them with our prayers.

If you or anybody you know may feel that the Lord is calling them to service in the Church, Fr. Nicholas Williams serves as the Diocesan Director of Vocations and will be able to offer advice and guidance in discerning God’s will for you.  You can contact Fr. Nicholas by using the button below.  Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about Vocations in general, you are invited to visit the Vocations section of this website.